Connell Consulting won Consultants of the Year – strategic at the 2016 HealthInvestor Awards. The specialist strategy consultancy has been a finalist in both consultancy categories for the last 3 years and were narrowly beaten last year for the same award. Connell Consulting are entirely focused on the UK health, social care and special education sectors, are working for leading investors or operators in the sector and are growing their market share at the expense of some of the larger strategy consultancies they won this award against.

Connell Consulting reports are the most detailed, accurate and insightful on the market, helped by extensive local market analysis and access to the key stakeholders within health and social care.

Their reports are based upon comprehensive primary research requiring high volumes of stakeholder interviews, mystery shopping of services and proprietary data across all the key client groups in the UK. Whilst most consultancies make charts out of publicly available data, their high standards of primary research make their reports much more detailed, insightful, well informed and up to date. Connell Consulting have unrivalled access to stakeholders including NHS and local authority commissioners, social workers, hospital clinicians or surgeons as they interview hundreds every month. Their operational experience of how care homes and hospitals actually work, means their recommendations are practical and achievable. On transactions, their clear fact-based conclusions support decision making and their robust micro market due diligence results in smoother investment and banking processes.

An experienced and well-trained team dedicated to the health, social care and special education sectors, delivering real insight at a national and local level

The Connell Consulting team share a passion for the health and social care sectors. All the team have previously worked with or have direct experience of disabled adults or children with special needs, typically as a part-time job when studying at university. They share an understanding and empathy for the needs of the individuals being cared for by their clients’ services. In addition to the in-house training, many of the Connell Consulting team also have experience of working at other strategy consultancies including Accenture, OC&C and McKinsey. The team are mostly full time and low churn, allowing the business to build a great deal of expertise within their core markets.

Connell Consulting get a high proportion of repeat business due to the level of insight, local market knowledge and value for money offered by our reports

The HealthInvestor judges were particularly impressed with the level of repeat business Connell Consulting achieves. Whilst they work on a broad range of different projects, there are a large number of leading UK operators, sizeable private equity firms, property investment funds and hedge funds among their clients. During 2015 the Connell Consulting team completed 24 commercial due diligence or strategic projects, 50% of which were repeat projects for a client they had previously worked for. So far in 2016 Connell Consulting have completed 18 projects, 55% of which were for existing clients.

The judges’ comments included: “For a business which has only been going on for three years this is an impressive range of assignments. The amount of repeat business is noteworthy and reflects the personal standing of the founder and her team in the healthcare sector, particularly amongst private equity backed business”